give us your weird, your free spirits, and your dreamers.
no sushi experience required.

being a member of TEAMFUSIAN means giving you the freedom to enjoy your job, be yourself and embrace the community around you. it’s the opportunity to serve food you feel good about — the kind of food you’d be proud to serve to your mom. FUSIAN is your opportunity to be a part of something bigger.

at FUSIAN we’re all about working in unison to make our company thrive towards excellence, and we pride ourselves on promoting within and creating long-term careers with our team. we believe that the future leaders of our company are already among us, so if you’re willing to work hard and do the right thing your opportunities for advancement are endless.

so ask yourself:

  • do I want to work with a team that treats each other like family?
  • do I know the difference between right and wrong?
  • am I willing to work hard and learn quickly?
  • do I want to work towards advancement, paid time off, health care coverage, salary-paid leadership positions, and quarterly profit-share bonuses?
  • do I want to enjoy free sushi after work?

if you answered yes to all of those questions… and who wouldn’t say yes to free sushi? then you are ready for the next question.

do any of the following statements describe you?

  • i’m obsessed with FUSIAN. i want to live it, work it, eat it.
  • i’m a humble leader who can take anything that comes.
  • i’m a student of life and people, learning is my thing.
  • i like change and i’m not afraid to take a risk.
  • i love people. serving customers makes me happy.

final question: will you apply today?

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