gluten free

Gluten Free at FUSIAN

Gluten free diets are more prominent than ever and today we learn how to navigate our way around gluten at FUSIAN.

Whether you have celiac disease, a simple gluten sensitivity, or you’ve been reading wheat belly and have made a dietary change, we’re committed to being a go-to gluten free option for you!

We know that keeping a gluten free diet can be difficult and inconvenient, however we’ve made it easy to dine with us at FUSIAN. For starters, we have created a dietary considerations menu that indicates gluten-free ingredient options across our entire menu. Additionally, we are able to create many items, sans gluten, specifically for you upon request… and remember we have gluten free soy sauce available, as well.

Next time you stop into one of our restaurants, please let one of us know of any dietary restrictions or allergies you have and we will make every accomodation to ensure your food is served safely.

Remember, we’re here to serve you healthy and wholesome food that makes you happy… if you have any suggestions please send them our way to