Join a fun, progressive, and growing company. We are looking for people who are creative, resourceful, and perhaps a little weird. At FUSIAN we have a unique work culture that is made possible by having a team of achievers who empower one another to make work enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.

We believe that a great company starts with a great team. FUSIAN team members come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. We believe that ambition and passion are more important prerequisites than sheer work experience. We will provide you with all the necessary tools and resources to become a successful team member.

Part of what makes our company so different are the unique individuals that make up FUSIAN. We provide team members with opportunities for advancement, major holidays off, annual bonuses*, direct deposit, competitive salaries, profit sharing*, and free employee meals.

We look for the following in our FUSIAN team members:

  • Brand zealots; people who live, work, and believe in the FUSIAN vision
  • Humble leaders who drive and embrace change
  • Students of life and people who pursue personal growth through learning
  • Innovators and risk takers
  • People who are passionate about customer service

Above all we look for people who believe in honesty and integrity. If you are ready to use your creativity and passion to join our growing company please submit your resume and a cover letter to:

*for qualifying team members