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fax menu: cincy | dayton
suggested rolls
inside-out seaweed wrap, crab mix, avocado,
cucumber, sweet soy, and sesame seed
shrimp tempura
inside-out seaweed wrap, tempura shrimp,
avocado, asparagus, spicy mayo, and sesame seed
spicy tuna
seaweed wrap, tuna, cucumber, avocado,
green onion, spicy mayo, and sesame seed
spicy salmon
seaweed wrap, salmon, cream cheese, green onion,
carrot, spicy mayo, and sesame seed
seaweed wrap, roasted chicken, green onion, cream cheese,
cucumber, spicy mayo, and sesame seed
seaweed wrap, braised steak, asparagus, jalapeno, green onion,
yakisoba sauce, wasabi mayo, and sesame seed
surf and turf
seaweed wrap, braised steak, crab mix, cucumber, asparagus,
wasabi mayo, sweet soy, and sesame chili
seaweed wrap, select fresh veggies and toppings